Boundary Objects and Blinding: the Contradictory Role of GIS in the Protection of the Amazon Rainforest

Autor: Raoni Rajão, Niall Hayes

Resumo: Based on detailed observations of how senior officials and forest rangers collaborate together using geographic information systems (GIS) this article examines the contradictory role of boundary objects in the enforcement of deforestation control policies in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Specifically, we unpack the mechanisms behind the way in which… leia mais

Institutional subversion and deforestation: Learning lessons from the system for the environmental licencing of rural properties in Mato Grosso

Autor: Raoni Rajão, Andrea Azevedo, Marcelo CC Stabile

Resumo: This article contributes to the public administration and environmental  governance literature by proposing the notion of ‘institutional subversion’as a way of describing how the strategies adopted by local actors may change and even go against the initial aims of institutional development initiatives. The article discusses the case of the system for the environmental licencing of… leia mais